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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Walking with God

“Walking with God“ by john Eldredge
“talk to Him, hear from Him “
Pub. Thomas Nelson 2008 Spiritual / Knowing God

The author invites us to join him on his; "Journey to Capture the Voice of God." Eldredge tells us, God created us to know Him, love Him and fellowship with Him. “Our deepest and most pressing need is to learn to walk with God and hear his voice”

The author’s writing reveals his sincerity and desire to be walking with God. John Eldredge, explains how he walks with God and how he hears God's voice. This author offers his stories as encouragement for us to become closer to God.

Eldredge states his belief, that God does speak to us foremost through the Bible. The question he proposes to you to ponder is;
"Why does the Bible tell us the stories of God speaking to His people ?"
Eldredge believes the Bible to be a book of examples of ;
"what it looks like to be walking with God."

Everything in your life depends on the great treasure of your relationship with God. Eldredge tries to bring you truth as he believes and he believes God still speaks. That God speaks through the Bible, the Holy Spirit and though events in your life. Eldredge wants you "to pause along the way at places where God is speaking to you"

Our walk with God takes time and practice and to hear God we must learn to listen.
" for they know His voice" John 10:3-4
" They will hear my voice" John 10:14-16

Every day we are making decisions and we have the choice to make them solely on our own or we can learn to hear His voice and walk with God.

“ Follow God for the right path, let Him lead you, let God be God. “

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