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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Forever Christmas

by Christine Lynxwiler
Christian Fiction/Romance (pages 288)
Barbour Pub. 2007 ISBN 978-1-59789-821-8

A lighthearted and easy to follow delightful story for enjoyable
reading with a surprising twist at the end. First, I would like to tell
you about one part, that caught my interest without giving away the
story. The Chicken Florentine Sandwiches in a basket that sold for
500 dollars.

So I asked, what is a Chicken Florentine Sandwich ?
Ok, I will tell you, it is; spinach, mayonnaise, olive oil, garlic, onion,
balsamic, Italian seasoning, provolone cheese, boneless skinless
chicken breast on flat bread. (check it out at your sub-way shop)

The story opens as we are traveling down a highway in Arkansas
approaching a sign that says; ” Jingle Bells” “The town where the
spirit of Christmas lives in our hearts all year long.”

We are entering a relaxing experience of another life in peaceful
little quaint town. For now, I say a girl and boy not yet teenagers
are having a Christmas wedding on the top of Snowy Mountain.
Sadly the snowman Preacher melted and the young girl lost her
pop-top ring in the snowy slush.

This young girl named Kristianna grows up living with her grand-
mother. They both lived above “The Forever Christmas Shop”
that the grandmother owned. Unfortunately this is past tense as
the grandmother passes away and her grand-daughter Kristianna
inherits the shop.

To tell a little about this town, the economy is going down hill fast.
This is due to unemployment cause by the closing of the Benning
Distribution Company. But, can you picture a town with candy cane
parking meters, a North Pole CafĂ©, Santa’s Snack Shop, Candy Cane
Lanes and The Forever Christmas Shop.

The towns mayor owns the old Benning Distribution Building on
Crystal Lake and wants to sell the property. The prospective buyer
“ The Summer Valley Outdoors Corporation ” has investors insisting
that the towns name be changed to “ Summer Valley ” as they also
propose opening a outlet store in town. Both of these would provided
needed employment for this community.

You have the story’s setting and wondering why the town was named
“ Jingle Bells ” a hundred years ago. And for the rest of the story; did
they change the towns name ? what ever happened to the Kristianna's
" Forever Christmas Shop " ? Who sent the present to Kristianna with
a note; ” Praying for you to have a Jingle Bells Christmas filled with
Love, Happiness, and especially Peace ” and did Kristianna ever have
a real Christmas wedding ?

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