1 Thessalonians 5:11 (KJV)

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (KJV)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Trying to do the Right Thing?

Acts 25:4-9
Festus answered, "Paul is being held at Caesarea, and I myself am going there soon. Let some of your leaders come with me and press charges against the man there, if he has done anything wrong." After spending eight or ten days with them, he went down to Caesarea, and the next day he convened the court and ordered that Paul be brought before him. When Paul appeared, the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem stood around him, bringing many serious charges against him, which they could not prove. Then Paul made his defense: "I have done nothing wrong against the law of the Jews or against the temple or against Caesar." Festus, wishing to do the Jews a favor, said to Paul, "Are you willing to go up to Jerusalem and stand trial before me there on these charges?"

Thoughts for Today:

Festus was kind of between a rock and a hard place. Paul had been in prison for over two years, yet when confronted the Jews could not prove any of the charges they had brought against him. From a legal (and fairness) point of view Festus should have released Paul immediately. Instead, wanting to appease the Jews he asks Paul if he will go to Jerusalem to stand trial -- rather than admitting his predecessor was wrong he thereby compounds the problem. Perhaps in some strange way Festus thought he was doing the right thing.

Like Festus if our decisions seem complicated and convoluted, it can be because we've allowed a selfish influence to affect our decision making process. Sometimes pressure comes from the outside, but most of the time it springs from the desire to protect our own interests. Festus thought he was negotiating a win/win settlement. If Paul agreed, the Jews got what they wanted, and Festus would rule over a very happy constituency. I wonder if he thought or cared about what might happen to Paul? Sounds like it was really win/win/lose to me.

Questions to Ponder:

The next time you have a difficult decision to make, place the facts outside of your own interests. Without considering what the best outcome for you personally might be, what seems to be best for all parties? Is your decision becoming clouded by what you want? Will anyone be hurt? What is the right decision even if it is not the most beneficial to you?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"The Pocket Testament League" What is membership?

The Pocket Testament League has, since 1893, motivated Christians to read, carry and share the Word of God. Started as the vision of a teenage girl named Helen Cadbury, The Pocket Testament League provides resources to help believers develop a lifestyle of biblical discipline and personal evangelism. The ministry also encourages people to support others who are sharing their faith, through a unique sponsorship program in which sponsors actually receive feedback from those they sponsor showing how lives are being changed.

Our members have shared more than 110 million Gospels during the history of this Christian outreach ministry, forever changing millions of lives around the world. The ministry is designed to equip Christians who are serious about sharing their faith with others.

Our Gospels of John and other resources are offered in English, Spanish and Chinese, and in several Scripture versions. Membership is completely free. Members may order Gospels to give away as special gifts in one-on-one encounters in their day-to-day lives.

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 What is membership?

As a member and a Christian, you're invited to dedicate one of your pockets to the Lord, even the pocket of a purse or briefcase. Then use that pocket to share your faith with others. We've made it easy!
As a member, you have access to a number of free resources.
And it costs you nothing to join.

Every morning, place one of our Gospels of John in your pocket or purse as you leave your home. Prayerfully look for an evangelism opportunity throughout the course of the day to give that Gospel away as a free gift to someone you meet. More often than not, people are delighted to receive these quality publications and many decisions for Christ have been made. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spreading the Word of the Lord

“The word of the Lord was spreading throughout the whole region.” - Acts 13:49 
The word of the Lord spread when evangelists Paul and Barnabas went out and preached the Gospel to other nations! And that’s what’s happening today as The Pocket Testament League establishes a presence in countries around the world. People are hearing, believing, and sharing God’s message of salvation with their family, friends, and neighbors.
In recent months, we’ve launched a Spanish site. We have also launched in Italy and Japan. Our website has been translated into these languages and we have printed Pocket Testament Gospels of John in Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
Later this year we plan to launch our ministry in Brazil, Germany and Russia. Our mission is no different than that of Paul, Barnabas, and every member of The Pocket Testament League—to spread the Gospel message throughout the world!
John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
Please pray for the success of our launches so that all may come to know the love of God through Jesus Christ

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Make Plans to Share the Gospel this Veterans Day !


Do you know someone who is serving or has served in our military?

Do you meet men and women who have fought for your freedom? Then show your gratitude this Veterans Day by telling them about the freedom they have in Jesus Christ!

The DESERT CAMO Pocket Testament Gospel of John is the perfect way to reach active military personnel and veterans alike. Here are 3 ways you can share:
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  1. Include several DESERT CAMO Gospels in the letters and care packages you send overseas so recipients can give Gospels to the people they work with.
  2. Volunteer at a VA hospital and spend time listening to those who are wounded, recovering, or in rehab. Remind them of God’s continuing love for them, and leave a DESERT CAMO Gospel with them to read later.
  3. Provide practical help to someone in your community whose spouse is serving overseas or transitioning back to civilian life. Offer to babysit or run errands as needed.
They have made a great sacrifice for you—now it’s time to tell them about the all-sufficient sacrifice that Jesus made for them!
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