1 Thessalonians 5:11 (KJV)

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (KJV)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


by Bill Hybels
“ Slowing Down to Be with God “
IVP Books 1988-2008 Christian Life / Prayer
“A Classic on prayer for over twenty years”
The Bible being the greatest book ever written; so why all of these
other books filled with scripture, why ? Certainly not for substitu-
tion of the bible, but they do provide clarifications, explanations,
and additional information. A good Christian book supported by
biblical scripture can move you closer to God. This Book, has
many treasures, that will move you closer to God. I am sharing
some of those treasures, that I have found valuable to me.
Pastor Bill says, “I still practice maintaining consistent time and
place to pray, organize my prayers as “ ACTS “, and listen for the
Spirits promptings for God's direction and wisdom. Now “ACTS” is
an “acrostic” whose four letters stand for; Adoration, Confession,
Thanksgiving, and Supplication.
By praising and worshipping we demonstrate respect to our
heavenly Father. Professing forgiveness of others and confessing
repentance for our errors. Expressing appreciation and gratitude
for those blessings we already received. Supplication, let God
have control of circumstances as He is the only real God. Having
an organized balanced prayer is another step closer to God.
Pastor Bill, also keeps a prayer journal and he frequently reviews
past prayers And how they were answered. Writing your prayers
specifically (you can leave out unnecessary detail and redundancy
as He knows your circumstance) The journaling will focus your
mind on God and allow you to examine your life. This will keep
you from inadvertently repeating the same errors. Using “ACTS”
as a pattern will keep your prayers in balance.
All I have written so far, Pastor Bill covered just in his “ intro ” to
this book. He also said he believes God has a role for each of us
to play. The needs around us, get off the bench and into the game.
I started my journal following Pastor Bills suggestions.
-Give God the best part of your day (mine is 6 to 7 am)
-Have a meeting place with God away from distractions(my porch)
-Pray earnestly from the heart with a balance prayer. (ACTS)
-Write a page, begin with yesterday to examine your life and pray.
Pastor Bill Hybels says,” When you get serious about prayer, then
it is time to make the Decision; “I will learn what disciplines are
necessary to fuel my prayer life, and I will practice these regularly
without fail.” I encourage you to benefit from the treasures to be
found in this classic book on prayer. brother george

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