1 Thessalonians 5:11 (KJV)

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (KJV)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Master's Work

I have missed some of God’s greatest blessings most of my life.
This was because, I did not actively share my faith with others.

Now, I want to make a difference,
I want to do my part of The Master’s Work.

Today we could answer these two questions;

Will we make a difference?
Will we have a part in our Master’s work?

The two most important commands found in the Bible;

“The Great Commandment” and “The Great Commission”.

Matthew 22:37 (KJV) The Great Commandment
Jesus said unto him,
“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God
with all thy heart, and
with all thy soul, and
with all thy mind.”

Matthew 28:19 (KJV)The Great Commission
Jesus spake unto them,
” Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,
baptizing them in the name
of the Father, and
of the Son, and
of the Holy Ghost:”
Who should go?  We may have different abilities and callings, but
All Christians have a part in the calling of others to follow Christ.
Everyone can participate as a seed sower or as a seed provider.

“The Gospel of John” a true story. John witnessed the life, death
and resurrection of Jesus. An eyewitness account, that has stood
the test for thousands of years. This story has made the difference
to millions of lives around the world. It is a story that will help you
have a personal relationship with God.

I will explain how using the pocket gospel of John will help
you share your faith easily, effectively and with confidence.
This is a simple time proven method started over a hundred
years ago.

A shy teenage girl named Helen Cadbury found that when her
friends would read God’s Word, they would come to faith in
Jesus Christ. This started Helen bringing the big family Bible
to school, showing it to her friends, who read it, and many
came to faith. Her dad did not want Helen bringing the family
Bible to school every day. Their family Bible contained marriage
and birth certificates. So, Mr. Cadbury provided Helen with some
pocket sized testaments. Helen’s friends sewed pockets on their
dresses to carry the Gospels and they formed a League calling it

“The Pocket Testament League”.

To become a member, they agreed to;
Read some portion of the gospel every day,
Carry the gospel in their pocket, and
Share the gospel with someone.

Thus, the motto of "Read, Carry and Share".

The Pocket Testament League is helping people like
you too share their faith in an easy and pleasant way.

I realized for me to share my faith,
I needed to really know and love God.

John 15:10&11 (KJV)
“If ye keep my commandments,
ye shall abide in my love;
even as I have kept my Father's commandments,
and abide in his love.”

“These things have I spoken unto you,
that my joy might remain in you, and
that your joy might be full.”

We demonstrate our love for Jesus by obeying His commandments.

We cannot really love God if we do not know Him.

Reading His Word is a great way to really know and love Him.

I know that reading my Bible first thing in the morning,
gives my day a good start and I have a more joyful day.

This Gospel of John is a wonderful summary of the life of Christ. 
Just a little reading from this book every day will give you the
confidence to share our faith with someone you care about.
We may get an opportunity to share the entire plan of salvation.
Most of us probably came to know Jesus Christ when a friend
or someone we knew and respected shared their faith with us.

Let me share just a few of the many ways that people
who use these little Gospels are spreading God’s word:

1.  Begin sharing by doing some of your gospel reading
while you are waiting in line or while in a waiting room.
Then, offer your gospel book to someone else to read
while they are waiting.

2.  Traveling on Airplanes, Trains, Buses or Cruise Ships
will give you a great opportunity to share a Gospel Book to
the passenger next to you. This is a good opportunity to get
to know someone and do a one on one sharing of the gospel.

3.  If you take walks carry some of these Gospels in your
pocket, and let God provide you with opportunities to share
with others.

4.  A business owner got a small stand and filled it
with some free Gospels and put it in his checkout area.

5.  Elderly people unable to leave their home can mail
Gospels to pen pals or whoever comes to their front door
receives a free gospel.

I think the best sharing method is to carry a gospel in your
pocket and when God brings someone to you that needs the
Word of God, you’ve “got it” to give. 

If we are praying and carrying these Gospels daily then,
God will provide the opportunity for you to share His gospel.

The hardest part about this sharing method is remembering
to put a gospel in your pocket every day.

I suggest that you dedicate a pocket to the Lord.
IT can be a pocket in your clothing, or a purse.
By having a Gospel nearby you are ready and able to share.

When you share your faith your relationship with God grows.
Your life becomes more meaningful and you will experience
the joy of doing for others.

Now is the time for you to make a difference,
will you take your part of the Masters Work :
Read some portion of the gospel every day,
Carry the gospel in your pocket or purse, and
Share it with someone as God provides that
opportunity for you to make a difference.

When you give someone a Gospel, you give them the
opportunity to become saved. You have provided them
with a tool for their salvation. Our job is to invite everyone
and let God determine the keepers.

You may obtain gospels at;www.ptl.org/?sponsorcd=395591
if you want to be a seed sower and a donation
does not currently fit your budget, just ask to
be sponsored. The League does not let financial
issues keep anyone from sharing the Gospel.  
Other League members are seed providers and
will cheerfully sponsor those sowers sharing the
Gospel. Those of you that wish to help off-set the
costs of printing and shipping a small donation
will be appreciated when you order the Gospels
of your choice. All Christians have a part in the
calling of others to follow Christ and some of you
may rather be a seed provider and that is welcomed.

So Remember; place your church information label
on each Gospel to invite everyone to visit your church.

Let us pray;
Father God,
help us have a daily habit of reading Your Word.
We ask that you to work through us as we tell many
people about the joy of our Christian Fellowship.
We thank you for thank you for these tools of salvation
and ask for your protection as we serve you.
In Jesus' precious Name I ask these things. Amen

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